At Stylumfab, we respect the trust you build in us and acknowledged the significance of secure transactions and information related to privacy when you select to visit our website and we take that authority seriously.

This stylumfab’s Privacy policy narrates how we gather, utilize, share, protect or otherwise process your personal information on our page or whenever you call us on the phone.

By Personal Information, we mean the name, email id or billing or delivery address, your telephone number, product selections (size, weight, design, etc), credit card details or other payment information, password, profile/account-related details, information related to your items which you have might be saved for future purchase in your cart, product review's detail , Demographic details like zip code, age, gender, birth date, location details, pin code and many more personal details about you.

Call details could involve your recordings or location details of your device which will be operated by our mobile application if your device settings permit us to trace your location details.

We can also gather information through Automatically collected information such as your IP(internet protocol) address, the URL from where you came from, settings of your device and browser, where you are on the internet, information on when and how have you accessed our website or whether visited any other website before coming and after leaving our page, what did you search and many more information.

On visiting our page, providing your necessary details assisting any kind of product/service provided on this page, you expressly accept to be bound by the terms/rules and conditions of this Privacy Policy, the Terms of use, and the relevant product/service terms and conditions, and accept to be ruled by India’s laws but not restricted to the laws relevant to data protection and privacy. Mark it down that we do not supply any of our products under this page outside India.

How we gather your personal information?

We are able to assemble details you enter on our website, during calls with you, or from any

kind of third parties source like:-

You allow us to know some sensitive information while you acquire a product, had a conversation with our salesman, On visiting our page and contacting to us, register for an online account, appealing in promotional activity, register to visit an event or appointment , put in for employment or signing up for email to become a member or for
some marketing purposes.

From third parties sources, we can gather details like services contributors that we refer to, analytics business, advertising networks and co-operative, companies related to demographics. We can gather the required details about you as well as from other devices which you operate online and from further third parties that we select to collaborate or work with.

Our main motive is to furnish you a secure, efficient, simple and customized practice. This permits us to impart required services and features which fulfill your needs and to modify our page to build your experience easier and safer.

Normally you can able to browse the company's page without sharing your personal details with us. After you share us your personal details, you aren’t anonymous to us. Whichever will be required field to fill up we will indicate. You always have the choice to not give information by selecting not use a specific service or feature on the page. We can trace your purchasing manner, preferences, and other valuable details which you select to furnish on
our page.

If you create up an account or transact with us we can gain some information details such as billing address, debit/credit card number or expiration date or any other kind of payment source details and tracking details from cheques or ordered money to furnish services, warrant to transactions or to repay for canceled transaction.
We can also collect information through Automated Collection methods like information from your current using device from which you use to access our page or used to open an email or advertisement from us. This collection consists of automated collected details and not contains personal details.

How are your details beneficial to us?

We exercise your personal details for our business management and to supply you with the best products, offers and deals, best services, new collections. We can merge any or all of the given information which we have collected or obtained from you.

At the time you purchase something from us, we accumulate the personal details that you provide us like your name, age, email id, zip code, and many more. Whenever you operate our page, we also automatically acquire your IP address (internet protocol address) of your device in order to supply us with specific data that assist us to
know learn about OS (operating system of your device) and browser.

With respect to your permission, we can share our updates, about our store, new products, and offer by sending an email that you will be providing us with your choice.

We utilize your given personal information in our business basis for our business improvement, to regulate your fulfillment with our products, to detect and prevent you from duplicity or misuse of our services or any other kind of services by applicable law.

We also try to improve our customer service through your given information; it also helps to personalize the experience of users. For analytics like we try to acknowledge how you are operating our page, shop with us; regulate the devices as well as the methods required to access our page and from that, we can able to judge what improvement we need in our page.

How do we guard your information?

We validate the suitable collection of data, storage as well as processing, security methods to defend against unauthorized access or demolition of your personal details that we have collected through a different source.

Sensitive and personal details interchange between the page and user happens over a secured communication and is protected by digital signatures.

Your acceptance of this privacy policy:-

On using our page you will be bound to accept our privacy policy and if you do not feel satisfied or do not want to accept to this privacy policy you can discontinue from using our page.

If we make any changes in our terms of policy:-

Go through our privacy policy occasionally to stay updated about the details with regard to our policy. if we will make any sort of changes in our terms of policy we will inform you on placing a notice on our page or by sending you the mail whenever required by using the relevant law.

Get in touch with us:-

If in some instance you are facing with any sort of doubt, inquiry regarding our personal information under this privacy policy, feel free to contact us.