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Acceptable site operation.

Rules regarding security

Explorer are being forbidden from violating or aiming to violate our site's security containing, without restriction

1. Retrieving data not considered for such explorer, guest, or registering themselves into an account which the explorer is not permitted to operate .

2. Venturing to examine or test the vulnerability of our site or to violate our security without proper allowance.

3. Venturing to obstruct our service to any network, explorer, comprising restrictions, via means of yielding trojan horse virus " to the site, overburdening, “mailbombing” or “crashing”.

4. Forwarding unsought mail consisting of new products details or promotions.

5. Violating the security may cause criminal or civil accountability. The business and it’s organization will have the power to detect the case whichever they suspect including breaching and have the power to include and collaborate with, law implementation officials will be prosecuted.


Explorer cannot operate our site for transmitting, distributing, storing, destroying material

a) Which could compose or inspire conduct that would be regarded as a crime or violation of any specific law or regulation.

b) in a way that would violate the secret of trade, trading, trademark, copyright, or any other intellectual rights towards the property of our site or any other personal rights.

c) which is insulting, hateful, defaming, erotic, or libelous


The explorer unilaterally accepts the indemnify, holding harmless to the site /company, its affiliates, company’s officers, employees, agents, shareholders from any declaration, state, or demand consisting of sensible attorney’s fees, assemble by any third parties source or penalty urged due to whatsoever rising from violation of this terms, rules or through using our website.

License and website access

We permit you a restricted license to access and assemble personal usage of the website. This license does not comprise any transferring or duplicating of information related to account for the sake of any other third parties; caching, uncertified links to the website, and the planning of any other content accessible through the website uploading, or transmitting anything which may contain a virus, computer code, or do not have the right to make
accessible or any kind of misuse or any kind of utilization of similar data gathering. You may not detour any terms used by us to avert the operation of our site. Any unauthorized activities by you will terminate the Authorization.


The page may provide you with some links to operate any other resources. Because we don’t have any dominance over such sites or resources, you admit and accept that we are not answerable for that kind of issue .you also admit that we are not at all answerable Directly or indirectly for any destruction or loss caused by the use of those contents accessible on our site.

Limitations of Liability

You distinctly acknowledge and have to accept that the page and its affiliates, employees, agents will not be liable to you in any destruction or damages that happen directly or indirectly, comprising, but not restricted to destruction for loss of profits, data , or any other kind of damages/loss resulting from our site , sale , or any other services presented on the webpage time to time.